Q&A for PhD students - coronavirus

Updated 23 June 2020

I have teaching obligations for the autumn semester, what should I do?

Online teaching will continue for all SDC students throughout the entire autumn semester. It includes online courses, video lectures, etc. If your planned teaching is affected, your course coordinator or the Head of Educational Programme (HEP) will contact you.

What happens if I cannot fulfil the requirements related to my PhD grant due to the outbreak of the coronavirus?

IWe ask that you contact your Danish and Chinese PhD supervisor to try and reschedule your PhD plan to the extend it is possible. We know the current situation is critical hence we are flexible but all other things equal it will be an individual assessment.

Can I access my research institute/lab in China?

Please contact your Chinese PhD supervisor for information about this.

When can I attend the Chinese Language and Culture Course?

The scheduled Chinese Language and Culture Course for the spring semester has been omitted and is expected to be offered again for the fall semester 2020. SDC awaits UCAS to clarify when and how the course will be offered. Once we have the information you will receive notice thereof via email, Facebook and WeChat.

What about my expenses - will the Danish SDC office cover my expenses for already purchased airline tickets?

Since your PhD grant already include funding to cover for travel expenses, the Danish SDC will not reimburse your university for the possible economic loss in case you cannot cancel or rebook your ticket.

Where do I find the latest updated information?

UCAS will keep you updated with the latest directions on WeChat “SDC PhDs”.
The Danish SDC office posts relevant information on this page.
Stay updated on the travel guidelines from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or if you are an international student, the travel guidelines from your home country.
If you are a Danish citizen and currently located in China, you are advised to sign up for the “Dansker-listen”, which makes it possible for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to contact you.
For healthcare guidance you can stay updated on the Danish Health Authority, WHO, and Statens Serum Institut.


If you have questions, please contact the Danish SDC office at