For PhD Supervisors

As a PhD supervisor, you add value to the Danish and Chinese societies through research, innovation, and education by playing an active role in the collaboration within the frames of SDC.

As a supervisor (main- or co-supervisor) for an SDC PhD student, it is expected that you maintain a close collaboration with both your Chinese supervisor colleague and the PhD student for the benefit of the PhD project and SDC in general.

An SDC PhD programme is a double degree programme meaning that both UCAS’ requirements AND the requirements of the Danish Graduate School/PhD School must be met. The Danish Graduate Schools require a written double degree agreement for both Chinese PhD students and PhD students employed at a Danish university. The Danish SDC Office will notify the relevant Graduate School/PhD School once information about an employed SDC PhD student is obtained.

Any questions regarding the content of the PhD programme set forth by UCAS is a matter for Yiwei Wang. Questions regarding the content of the PhD set forth by the Danish universities must be addressed to the PhD administrator at the relevant Graduate/PhD School. Questions in general about SDC’s involvement and other matters can always be addressed to Kristian Vork Jensen.
Main Supervisor
Since all PhD students are required to pursue a double degree, UCAS’ requirements need to be considered once the PhD plan is drafted. The requirements are accessible via UCAS’ degree website for international students . They can also be accessed via SDC’s website for PhD students.

Your department will be compensated for your active involvement as co-supervisor. For more information, please visit SDC’s website. SDC will via the Chinese PhD student obtain knowledge of your role as co-supervisor and reach out to you.
As for workstations, library access, access to intranets etc. during a Chinese PhD’s stay in Denmark it is expected that the universities secure availability for the PhD student.

The SDC PhD Framework

Below are the relevant documents for use once an SDC PhD project has taken shape and needs to formalised and for general information as well.

The general conditions are set forth by the Danish SDC Office and are the guiding principles for the co-funding of a PhD-project from the Danish side of SDC. The general conditions may change hence your grant year is decisive for which edition of the general conditions you fall under. If general conditions from before 2021 are needed, please contact Annette Andersen.

General conditions for PhD co-funding from the Danish SDC office_2022
General conditions for PhD co-funding from the Danish SDC office_2021
The SDC PhD project approval form is the prerequisite for a PhD-project co-funded by SDC and is to be filled out by the relevant Principal Coordinator (PC) in cooperation with the supervisor.

SDC PhD project approval form – template

Allocation of SDC PhD funds among the research areas (overall) and the principles for how the PhD funding is distributed

PhD co-funding from the Danish SDC office