For PhD Students

This space is directed towards active SDC PhD students. Here you can find the practical information and forms etc. you need to understand and act upon in order to live up to the requirements of your employment.

Whether you are at the beginning of your SDC PhD journey or coming towards the end, this is where you can find the information you need. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us.
As an SDC PhD student, you are enrolled at a Danish university and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) simultaneously, and you are required to pursue a double degree. Depending on the funding you have received from SDC, you are required to spend at least
6-12 months in China during your employment. You are obligated to contribute to teaching on at least one of the SDC MSc programmes and to the collaboration between UCAS and the Danish universities in general.

Being a PhD at UCAS

As a newly employed PhD student, there are some conditions you need to familiarize yourself with, thus you should consult the guide Getting started as SDC PhD.

First of all, you need to apply for enrolment at UCAS within the first month of employment and instructions on how to apply are in the “Important information as newly employed SDC PhD student” e-mail” you received from SDC shortly after your employment.

UCAS’ PhD Educational Plan
Besides a number of specific requirements that will be addressed below, UCAS has a general Education Plan for International PhD-students that constitutes the framework of what is expected from an International PhD at UCAS.

The specific requirements that needs to be fulfilled in order to obtain the degree at UCAS are:

  • Opening Speech

  • Affiliation

  • Mid-term assessment

  • Academic reports and social activities

  • Chinese Culture and Panorama

  • Format requirements for the dissertation/thesis; header type, font size, font type etc.

Opening Speech
The purpose of the Opening Speech is to present your research plan based on previous studies in order to acquire input from experts within the research area. The Opening Speech must be completed within the second semester after enrollment at UCAS.
On UCAS’ website you can find general information about the Opening Speech and the relevant forms that needs be filled out in advance. Your Chinese co-supervisor can also be of assistance if you need clarification on matters regarding the Opening Speech.
Please consult UCAS’ website for the correct affiliation.

Mid-term assessment
International PhD students must complete the Mid-term assessment. The Mid-term assessment is a session, where the PhD student, the Danish main supervisor and the Chinese co-supervisor qualify the thesis research topic, main research progress and research plan.
The Mid-term assessment is described in the Education Plan for International PhD-students and it only applies for international PhD students enrolling at UCAS in 2022 and onwards.

Academic Reports and Social Practices
During the employment, PhD students must complete a number of academic reports i.e. give presentations or attend lectures at summits/seminars.

Furthermore, PhD students must carry out social practices i.e. administrative or volunteer activities.

The academic reports and social practices are assessed and approved by the Chinese supervisor. Consult the
Education Plan for International PhD-students.

Chinese Language and Panorama
It is a national requirement from the Ministry of Education in China that all international students must acquire basic knowledge of Chinese Language and Chinese Panorama.

UCAS conducts courses with a duration of 14-21 days for SDC PhD students twice a year, during the spring and autumn semester. Some PhD students may be exempted due to previous activities.

You can read about it in section 4 in the general Education Plan for International PhD-students. The specific dates are announced in advance via e-mail and in both the relevant WeChat- and Facebook-group.

Format requirements for the dissertation/thesis
The requirements for the layout of the dissertation/thesis are quite extensive and it is very important that you abide by them hence you need to be familiar with them as early as possible in the process. All format requirements are found here – please note that there is a word document (“11. UCAS Dissertation Guidelines.doc”) at the bottom of the page.

Double degree and general information

Applying for enrolment at UCAS is a prerequisite for pursuing the required degree from UCAS along with your Danish degree; a double degree. The double degree is a funding requirement, and the details are outlined in a written agreement between the Graduate School/PhD School at your Danish university and UCAS. The Danish SDC Office will contact your local PhD-administrator and during your PhD you will be asked to sign the agreement.

The additional general conditions for SDC co-funding are found here.
Annual PhD seminar
Every year in mid/late November the Danish SDC office hosts a seminar for PhD students. Usually, it will include the opportunity to be introduced to the setup of SDC and network/draw inspiration among peers. Information about venue and programme is sent out by e-mail well in advance.

Going to China

When traveling to China a valid visa is required. Application is done through the Chinese Visa Application Service and it is highly recommended to begin the application well in advance.

It is solely the responsibility of the PhD students to make sure that they are sufficiently insured during a research stay. Please contact the Danish home university to find out if necessary insurance is in place. Please note that the insurance provided only covers research stays - not vacation.

Expenses and Travel Costs
Expenses are not covered by the Danish SDC office. There are no economic transactions between the Danish SDC office and the PhD student. The funding from SDC is disbursed to the Danish university.

The PhD student must always settle their travel account with the university concerned, not with SDC. It is not possible to apply for additional funding from SDC.

Since Chinese taxi drivers rarely speak English, it is recommended to bring notes with relevant addresses written on them in Chinese, when moving around.

PhD students must arrange their stay by themselves and the costs of accommodation during the stay will be covered by the PhD student. The Chinese host institution may be helpful in securing accommodation.

Alternatively, one can rent an apartment, in which case it is necessary to contact a real estate agent upon arrival in Beijing. If you rent an apartment, you need to register at the local police station within 24 hours. They will issue a Temporary Residence Registration.
Usually, it is possible to find a place within a few days. Please note, that leases in China can be complicated, so it is important that the real estate agency helps you understand all terms and conditions before you sign a contract.

You can find relevant information about hotel accommodation here.

Information security when travelling with SDC
Read about information security here.

It may pose a challenge to reside in China for a longer period without using the dominant social media platform, WeChat. It is used for payments, instant messaging, taxi fares and much more.

On WeChat there is a group named “SDC PhD” recommendable for PhD students to join. When you are in China, it is a quick and easy way to get in touch with fellow SDC PhD students and a forum for sharing information about how to find apartments, invite fellow PhD students to social events, symposiums etc. To join the group, ask the members of the SDC PhD's Facebook group (see below) to add you to the group.

We recommended that you join the Facebook group, where you can reach out to fellow SDC PhD students and share information. Occasionally information from the Danish SDC Office will be posted also. Be advised, that you can only logon to Facebook via a VPN-connection when in China.

Find the SDC PhD facebook group here.


Online application, admission, residence permit
and specific UCAS-related issues

Xin Wang:

CN PhD plan/specifics about UCAS PhD regulations – double degree etc.
Yiwei Wang:
Your CN-supervisor

Chinese PhD Supervisors
Yiwei Wang:
Course information and credit transfer
Yuxiao Yang:

Chinese Language and Panorama course
Xu Rong:

Questions not covered by the above
The Danish SDC Office:

For further information please consult For Teachers & Researchers.

SDC Powerpoint Template

If you need to add SDC's visual identity to your presentations, you may download our Powerpoint Template.

For enquiries regarding the templates, reach out to Michael Bihlet or Lonnie Høgh.

Be aware that you must click the "Insert New Slide" drop down menu within Powerpoint to access the different slide templates.