The Campus

An oasis near a metropol
SDC is located at the Yanqihu Campus 60 kilometres north of central Beijing. The construction was initiated in 2012 and it is under continuous development. The campus is one of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences' (UCAS) four campuses in Beijing.

The campus is characterised by its close proximity to the Great Wall of China, the mountains and the beautiful Yanqi Lake. Around campus there are several sports fields and facilities, and it is green and spacious.

The home of SDC is called The House of the Danish Industry Foundation and was donated to SDC by the Danish Industry Foundation. You can learn much more about the facilities and have a look around here.

Take a quick video tour around the campus

From classrooms and study areas over breathtaking mountain scenery and excellent sports facilities to busy fragrant canteens buzzing with life.

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Gallery: Look inside SDC

The House of the Danish Industry Foundation is the home of SDC and where all teaching activities take place.


The UCAS campus management offers accommodation on campus for approximately 1,800 RMB a month (excluding electricity and water).

Students live in apartments that have 8-10 single dorm rooms (approximately 7 square meters each), and they are equipped with basic furniture.

Each apartment has a common room and shared bathrooms and showers. There is no kitchen in the apartments, hence students have most of their meals in the canteens on campus.

The student community

Meet some of the students and get a feel for the organisations, events and initiatives that students can take part in.

Wednesday Lunch Lottery

In order to further cultural exchange at SDC, a couple of students came up with the Wednesday Lunch Lottery, where every Wednesday students, faculty and staff could sign up and be matched with random lunch companions from SDC.

Emma-Sophie on going out with her class mates

Join Emma-Sophie and a few of her classmates as they have lunch at a restaurant. Among other things she discusses socialising and what it is like to go out to eat.

What will it be like to study in China?

And how do I prepare myself for the experience?

Luisa Gonzalez Boa studied Public Management and Social Development at SDC, and in CBS Wire she shared her experience in the article “It was going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy. I was wrong”.

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The ZhongDan Team

Luisa Gonzalez Boa joined the student organisation, the Zhongdan Team, when she studied at SDC.

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Sylvester studies Nanoscience at SDC

Nanoscience student Sylvester Langvad was interviewed about living and studying in China by a few months after arriving.

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The multicultural classroom

Associate Professor, Christian Byrge, talks about the benefits of taking a Master's degree in a cross-cultural setting.

Intro in China

Every year, approximately 10 days before study start around 1 september, all new students are invited to take part in the intro days. During that period of time, a range of activities are arranged for the purpose of helping students settle in.

Practical matters such as moving in at the dorms, buying a sim card and opening a bank account are handled. The remaining programme is centered around building relations and kickstarting the cross-cultural meeting before study start.

Meet Yuan Zhe, Sofie, Sakeerthi and Signe who joined all the other newly arrived SDC students, when they finished off the intro weeks with a trip to the Mutianyu part of the Great Wall of China.