A semester of new experiences

Choosing a semester at one of the seven master’s degree programmes at SDC, you will learn as much on a personal level as you will academically.

What really sets apart a semester at SDC are the experiences of studying and working together in a multicultural classroom and learning to handle yourself in a country that is very different from what you are used to in Denmark/Europe.

You get the chance to truly immerse yourself in the unique community at SDC and taking in as much Chinese culture, history, and food (!) as possible in a few months.

Living and studying in China

Going to China as a semester student or a full degree student is a big decision. SDC helps with all practicalities before going to China and provides support during the studies in China. All students are guaranteed dorms on campus and there is Danish and Chinese staff that can help with issues, big or small.

Both inside and outside of the classroom you become part of a unique international community of students with different academic backgrounds and nationalities.

The SDC building at the Yanqihu campus is the basecamp for all SDC students and faculty. It is located approximately 60 kilometres north of downtown Beijing, on the shore of Yanqi Lake in the Huairou District. In the building there are classrooms, lecture halls, administration, meeting rooms, group rooms, student lounge and much more. SDC students have established their own gym, arrange movie nights, Friday cafés and excursions during weekends and holidays.

On campus there are dormitories, library, convenience stores, supermarket, canteens, and a restaurant. The indoor sports facilities include gyms, ball courts and swimming pool, while the outdoor facilities include football pitches, tennis-, badminton- and volleyball courts and a jogging trail circling the campus.

Who can join a semester at SDC?

Danish and EU/EEA-students who are enrolled in a master’s degree at a Danish university can join as a semester student. All SDC master’s programmes can accept semester students on the first and/or second semester.

Semester students must fulfil prerequisite requirements for the courses as well as the English language requirements.

Students will follow all courses in the semester (30 ECTS) and need a pre-approval of credit transfer from their Danish home university to be accepted.

There are no tuition fees for semester students.

Studying in China

Going to China IS a big decision, and you will have a lot of questions ahead of applying to a programme and ahead of getting on that plane.

Where and how are the programmes taught? Do you have to pay tuition (Probably not)? Must you be able to speak Chinese (No, you do not)? Where will you live? What do the dorms look like and who will you live with? What does the campus look like?

How do you go about the practical matters i.e. visa application, State Educational Grant (SU) and more… (SDC leads and supports students throughout these processes)

Head over to Studying in China to find answers to your questions.

Application form and deadlines

Spring semester: 15 October

Autumn semester: 1 March

Master's degree programmes

Head over to your preferred MSc programme and get an in-depth understanding what it has to offer. All SDC master’s programmes can accept semester students on the first and/or second semester.

Innovation Management

Nanoscience and Technology

Neuroscience and Neuroimaging

Public Management and Social Development

Water and Environment

International Food Quality and Health

Life Science Engineering and Informatics

Course Catalogues

Q&A a with a semester student


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