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The SPOT event will focus on the MSc in Nanoscience and Technology and the MSc in Water and Environment, but it will also be possibly to learn more about the following SDC Master's degree programmes: Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, Life Science Engineering and Informatics, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and International Food Quality and Health.

MSc in Nanoscience and Technology
Combine science, engineering and technology in one Master's programme. With a double degree in nanoscience and technology, you become an expert in manipulating the smallest particles in the world, and your work will have great impact on everything from healthcare to consumer products.

MSc in Water and Environment
The degree programme in water and environment gives you the competencies you need to contribute to solving the global challenge of ensuring clean and sustainable freshwater resources for people and industry.

The programmes lead to a double degree from the University of Copenhagen and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Date: 16 February 2021: 16:00-17:00
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Former students says…
'Taking my Master's programme in China could not be more exciting and I have already learned a lot from leaving my comfort zone, both as a person and a professional.'
Emil Høj Jensen, Nanoscience and Technology alumni

'Studying in China was a fantastic opportunity to work with environmental cases that are totally different from what I could have done back home in terms of scale and severity.'
Ann-Sofie Gimlinge, Water and Environment alumni