Q&A - Cohort 2020

Updated 20 April 2020

We are in an extraordinary situation this year and you might have questions about your studies in the light of the current outbreak of coronavirus. If you have questions that are not answered below, you are welcome to contact SDC at

Will the Master’s programmes start as planned in 2020?
Until further notice, SDC expects all Master’s programmes to start as planned. Our teachers are right now planning the new study year. If something prevents a semester start in China in August, the Master’s programmes will NOT be cancelled. Instead, SDC will have alternative solutions, e.g. distance teaching, in place, so you can begin your studies as planned.

Can I have my tuition fee refunded if I decide to cancel?
Once you have paid tuition fee it is non-refundable, regardless the reason for your cancellation. Deadline for tuition payment is 15 August.
If you cancel your study place BEFORE you pay tuition, it will not have any economic consequences for you.

Can I postpone my start of study to 2021?
No. If you cancel your study place, you are not guaranteed to be offered a place in 2021. You will have to apply again on the same conditions as other applicants.

If I have confirmed the offer of admission from SDC but later regret this decision, is it then possible for me to enroll at one of the Danish universities?
If you decide to cancel your enrollment at SDC/UCAS, we have no authority to assist you to get enrolled at a Danish university instead. In such case, you must contact the relevant university for more information.

How will it affect my studies if I cannot start in China in August?
We work under the assumptions that borders and universities will be open for semester start in August. However, if this is not the case, we expect teaching activities to be carried out by distance teaching as long as it is necessary. SDC and UCAS will also make sure that exams will be carried out.

How will lab courses be affected if UCAS remains closed after the summer?
SDC and UCAS will make alternative plans for all affected lab courses to ensure students can complete these courses also.

When shall I arrive in China?
The arrival date at Yanqihu campus for all students admitted through the Danish universities is 18 August 2020. SDC staff will be in place to welcome you, help with practicalities and make sure you get your dorm room. Your dorm room is not available before this date so if you arrive in China earlier you will have to find accommodation yourself, e.g. at a hostel in Beijing.
Study start is 31 August 2020.