What can you experience at SDC?

Preparation seminar for new SDC students

Every year SDC hosts a seminar in Denmark for students before they go to China to study their master's degrees at SDC. Check out what you can expect to learn at the seminar and meet some of the students.

What you learn from studying at SDC?

Join associate professor Christian Byrge, who teaches at SDC on a regular basis, as he elaborates on some of benefits and challenges of choosing a master's degree programme at SDC.

Great Wall Trip 2019

Meet Yuan Zhe, Sofie, Sakeerthi and Signe who on 30 August 2019 joined all the other newly arrived SDC students, when they finished off the intro weeks with a trip to the Mutianyu part of the Great Wall of China.

Emma-Sophie on going out with her class mates

Join Emma-Sophie and a few of her classmates as they have lunch at a restaurant. Among other things she discusses socialising and what it is like to go out to eat.

Mia on studying and living in China

Mia Bodenhoff studies Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at SDC and will soon hand in her thesis. In this interview she shares the experiences she has gained from studying for almost two years in China.

Wednesday Lunch Lottery

In order to further cultural exchange at SDC, a couple of students came up with the Wednesday Lunch Lottery, where every Wednesday students, faculty and staff could sign up and be matched with random lunch companions from SDC.

Semester calendar

Download UCAS' semester calendar to find out when the semester begin and end.

UCAS Academic Year 2022-2023

Leaving with DKK 185,000 in grants

Line Kloster is a first-year Master’s degree student on the Life Science Engineering and Informatics programme. She has had great success with grants applications and you can get her tips and tricks.

'I did not even imagine that all of the money I received would be necessary, but practical preparations, living costs and travel expenses will add up,' says Line who also found extra space in her budget for trips and travels.

Red the full story and get Line's advice.

Tips for grant applications

First of all, start early to apply for grants as many grants have deadlines before you start in China. Remember: If you forget to apply or hear about a grant in your first year, you can always apply for your second year separately.
Grants are a private matter between the student and the foundation/company/persons giving. SDC are not able to help with applications, nor do we have the capacity to know of all grants available in and especially outside of Denmark.

However, a few general tips:

  • Many grants have a specific purpose for granting the money. Describe how you can contribute to this purpose by taking your Master’s degree in China

  • Be thorough and honest in your application and let them know who you are as a person

  • Do not be afraid to “show off” – i.e. in your CV, grades, recommendations etc.

  • Keep it simple, sober and lucid. You do not have to write a novel

  • Take your time and make sure your application is customised to the specific foundation/company

  • There are grants that are very specific and for instance depend on which geographical part of Denmark you are from. Therefore, remember to do your research.

Admission letter

Some grants require an admission letter. The official one from UCAS will not arrive before early July, but SDC can provide you with an admission letter if necessary. In that case, contact SDC at Remember to state your full name (as in passport), Master’s programme at SDC and your birthdate.

Grants recommended by former students

Luisa Gonzalez Boa

Luisa Gonzalez Boa

What will it be like to study in China?

And how do I prepare myself for the experience?

Luisa Gonzalez Boa studies Public Management and Social Development at SDC, and in CBS Wire she shares her experience in the article “It was going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy. I was wrong”.

Read the article in CBS Wire
Luisa Gonzalez Boa

Luisa Gonzalez Boa