The Triple Helix

14 April 2020

The Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China (DCCC) and SDC joined forces to conduct a wide-ranging survey for the purpose of mapping the activities and challenges of Danish companies operating in China.

This survey represents the most comprehensive and ambitious mapping of Danish companies’ activities and challenges in China to date’, says the Danish Ambassador to China, A. Carsten Damsgaard.

In 2019, the Ambassador’s China Business Advisory Group, a panel of top executives representing the Danish business community and main sectors in China, decided to initiate a survey among Danish businesses with activities in China.

A task group from the Embassy, DCCC and SDC was established to jointly carry out the survey.

Having this triple helix of organisations work together, we have not only produced a very well thought out survey, but when you combine the strengths of our organisations, for instance political gravity, with direct contact to the businesses and academic methodology, it puts us in a strong position when we reach out to the businesses’, says A. Carsten Damsgaard.

In November, the survey was distributed to 86 Danish companies, and the results will yield factual data on the businesses, an idea of how important China is to their operation and an understanding of the challenges they face.

I am proud of the collaboration across the Danish organisations in China. The commitment and effort have resulted in an excellent and useful survey that will benefit us all, but mostly the Danish companies with activities in China, for whom we hope to improve the market access and their ability to operate here’.

The results of the survey will be analysed and transformed into action during the spring of 2020.