SDC Porto trip 2021

18 November 2021

Camp SDC moves around the world. Recently some of the students who have not joined the camp went to visit their fellow students in Porto, Portugal. We asked Isabella (to the left in the picture) to share her experience.

by Isabella Tao Jakobsen, International Food Quality and Health student

SDC people love to travel, so when Camp SDC moved from Budapest to Porto it was the perfect excuse for us to go and visit them. Not that we needed an excuse really, but it made sense to go and visit our nomadic friends and so, the planning began. We ended up being 13 people, and while it seems daunting to be traveling with that many, it couldn’t have gone any more smoothly. We stayed in two separate apartments in the same building, close to the beach and with busses nearby taking us right to the city center.

One day one we went to a café for breakfast and walked along the beach to the city. We did this instead of taking the bus because we wanted to explore our surroundings. The photo below is our first group photo, taken close to one of the beautiful Porto beaches and with a cool castle-looking building behind us.

The walk into the city center took us quite a while because we kept stopping to take pictures and look at the views.

We planned to go and see the “Porto Legends” light exhibition. The exhibition was about different Porto legends and myths, and we learned a lot of things about Porto from it.

After the exhibition, we went out for our first dinner in Porto which was at a restaurant next to the waterside. As you can tell, we’re very happy to be having dinner together. We took it easy that night because we knew that the next night, we were going to have a fancy gala.

The gala was amazing, we had a lovely dinner on the 17th floor on a rooftop terrace overlooking the entire city. The photo honestly doesn’t do the view or atmosphere any justice. After dinner, we went out and partied the night away.

The following days were spent eating, exploring, going to the beach, and eating some more. We also ate a lot of egg tarts, or as they call them in Porto “Pastel de Nata”. It became almost a competition to see who could find the best one.

Porto is really beautiful. The photo is taken from the bridge, overlooking the city. Quite worth the visit, if you have the chance.

On one of our last days together, we had a house party. It was great fun and afterwards, some people even went to the beach for a midnight swim.

The last day was spent exploring the city one last time, and in the evening, we went for our final dinner.

So, until next time Porto! Tchau! We’ll definitely be back. And in the meantime, we’ll probably be traveling somewhere else soon. We just can’t help ourselves.

What is Camp SDC?

A group of SDC students established Camp SDC when they found out they could not go to Beijing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They now travel together while they study online.

So far, the group of nomadic students have settled down in Hungary, Portugal and South Africa.