SDC launching a new Food and Health research theme

20 September 2017

The global food and food technology market is in rapid growth, and food investment is central both in the Danish- and Chinese government’s growth plans.

The two countries have complementary positions of strength and therefore it is timely to synergise and strengthen the research collaboration within the food area. SDC is launching a new research theme “Food and Health” which takes a food chain perspective from food quality, nutrition and microbial food safety to food marketing and supply chain management to the concept of economic thinking in food production, all uniquely focused on the Sino Danish context.

Positions of strength

Denmark is internationally recognised for export of high quality and safe food products. The trust in foods from Denmark is high due to the fundamental high level of control throughout the supply chain. The demand for safe, healthy and high quality foods in China is increasing and provides export opportunities for Danish food industries. Also export of safe food production systems and knowledge to develop the Chinese food sector are expected to increase allowing better access to international markets in the future.

The Danish Principal Coordinator, Professor Derek V. Byrne, Department of Food Science at Aarhus University and the Chinese Principal Coordinator, Professor Wang Yawei, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences at Chinese Academy of Sciences will coordinate the research.

“A Sino Danish research collaboration in the Food and Health space will allow for a unique cross cultural understanding of food quality. This will be linked with novel and sustainable production and processing techniques, in the design and development of high quality, better-tasting, more stimulating, more memorable, healthier and safer food and drink experiences, relevant to both the Chinese and Danish supermarket shelves,” says Derek V. Byrne.

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