SDC Funded Research Published in Nature Energy

17 September 2020

Principal Coordinator for Social Sciences, Stine Haakonsson has published on the changing geography of clean energy value chains in the journal Nature Energy. Nature Energy publishes the best research within the field of energy generation and distribution, and energy technologies and policies impact on societies.

Why the research of changing geography of clean energy value chains is relevant in a joint Danish and Chinese collaboration, Stine Haakonsson says:

‘Clean energy transition and building national capacity in the clean tech industry is on the agenda of most countries today. Denmark has traditionally been strong in wind turbines and in integrating renewable energy into the electricity grid. China has the largest market for wind turbines and the biggest production of solar panels in the world. The topic of green transition, from a technology and innovation perspective is highly relevant for both Denmark and China and we have developed a strong joint research project over the past decade on this topic.’

The article is a result from publications in the research project Chinese Technology and Innovation for the World: Globalisation of Sustainable Energy Industries carried out by Zhou Yuan and Yixin Dai, Tsinghua University, Liu Xielin, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Rasmus Lema, Alborg University, Julia Kirkegaard, Technical University of Denmark and Stine Haakonsson, Copenhagen Business School.

The research is partly funded by SDC.

In October 2020, the research collaboration will also publish a special issue of the Oxford Journal Industrial and Corporate Change.