The Construction of Huairou Science City

28 April 2023

Chinese scientific research’s move towards giant science hubs, like Huairou Science City in Beijing, is the focus of Assistant Professor Maj Grasten and Associate Professor Stine Haakonsson’s recently pulished report for Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai.

Chinese scientific research has transformed enormously since the 1950s. Gradually, they have gone from imitators to innovators, and over the last decade become inventors largely due to the political ambition of becoming a world science and technology superpower by 2050. China has moved into a new phase, where basic research and winning the next Nobel prizes have huge priority. Massive science hubs like Huairou Science City are an important tool in this pursuit,’ says Maj Grasten.

Huairou Science City, which is located north of Beijing close to the Yanqihu Campus, where SDC is found, has a planned area of 100.9 square kilometres of national large research infrastructure, interdisciplinary research platforms, national labs, research institutions and more.

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