Rasmus Antoft joins the Danish Board of SDC

06 December 2019

Rasmus Antoft, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Aalborg University, joins the Danish board of the SDC, representing Aalborg University in the board.

Rasmus Antoft has followed the evolution of SDC over a number of years, especially through academic staff at his faculty that have carried out research activities through SDC or are involved in the Master’s degree programme in Innovation Management, which is anchored at Aalborg University. This direct involvement has made Rasmus Antoft aware of the opportunities that are available through SDC.

“SDC provides Aalborg University and the other Danish universities with experience from which we can learn how to engage with Chinese universities, and SDC can help strengthen and qualify activities and relations between Denmark and China within a range of disciplines.”

A platform for cooperation

Rasmus Antoft has a clear idea of what his role is in the board and he looks forward to getting to work, when he will attend his first meeting of the Danish Board of SDC on 11 December.

“As a member of the board, I have an important role to play in promoting SDC as a platform for cooperation with China and I look forward to influencing and engaging in discussions on how we can do that in the smartest possible way now and in the future.”

Rasmus Antoft replaces Inger Askehave as Aalborg University’s representative in the Danish Board of SDC. View Rasmus Antoft's profile at Aalborg University here.