Peter Kragelund joins the Danish Board of SDC

06 April 2022

Peter Kragelund, Dean of Social Sciences at Roskilde University, joins the Danish board of SDC.

Peter Kragelund has been employed at Roskilde University since 2009 and he joins the Board with quite a lot of prior knowledge about SDC.

Many academic staff from my base at Roskilde University have contributed to SDC, and that gave me an understanding of the makeup of SDC. In the beginning I complained about the complicated nature and resources requirements of the setup, but the researchers told me that in the long run, it would result in rewarding research collaborations. It turns out that they were right and SDC has come a long way, for instance, with establishing PhD double degree programmes,’ says Peter Kragelund.

Representing all the Danish Universities

Each of the eight Danish universities has a seat in the Danish Board of SDC, and Peter Kragelund joins as Roskilde University’s representative. However, that is not how he sees it.

I do not see myself as Roskilde University’s representative as such, but more as a representative for all the Danish universities. I do not see Roskilde University having a specific agenda, but we will contribute to the areas where we can offer our expertise, i.e., to the two social science master’s degree programmes and especially to the fields of didactics and intercultural learning,’ says Peter Kragelund.

Peter Kragelund attends his first board meeting on 7 April. View Peter Kragelund’s profile at Roskilde University here.