Li Ziyou Seizes Every Opportunity to Globalise his Education

14 April 2020

We need to exchange ideas with people from all over the world. That is my driving force’, says Li Ziyou who is studying Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

Li Ziyou seizes every opportunity to add a global perspective to his education, and this year he successfully applied for participation in two academic competitions.

The global competition Present Around the World is for young professionals and students within engineering, and it is arranged by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Li Ziyou displayed his presentation skills, won the competition at the local level and made it to the national level. He presented different methods for utilising used batteries from electric vehicles.

As a student, there is a risk that you end up spending most of your time attending lectures, working on assignments and living in a narrow world with people like yourself, for instance chemical engineers. The competitions gave me the opportunity to meet different people from all over the world’, says Li Ziyou.

He has also participated in UNLEASH, a global innovation lab which gathers 1,000 talents to collaborate on solutions to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Li Ziyou joined a group of five people of different nationalities and academic backgrounds. They focused on how to reduce food waste at universities, and Li Ziyou believes that his cross-cultural studies at SDC mean a lot for his academic and personal capability to join the competitions.

To add a global perspective to his Master’s thesis, Li Ziyou is now living in Denmark, where he is doing his thesis at the Technical University of Denmark.