Kristine Kilså Joins the Danish Board of SDC

17 January 2024

Kristine Kilså has recently assumed a key role on the Danish Board of SDC, succeeding Kristian Pedersen as Aarhus University’s representative in the board.

Serving as the Pro-Dean for Education, Kristine brings a pragmatic approach to her new position, expressing enthusiasm for cross-institutional collaborations within the field of education.

’I find genuine two-way collaborations where we can really learn from each other exciting, and cultural bridging between Denmark and China is important. Delving into the dynamics of China and its rapid-paced developments, and to gain a deeper understanding of the technological and educational landscape there, I find the prospect fascinating,’ says Kristine Kilså.

Kristine Kilså, a chemist specializing in nanoscience, appreciates the interdisciplinary nature of her field. She sees the charm in applying cross-disciplinary knowledge to address global challenges such as sustainability, future materials, and climate change—areas of mutual interest for both Denmark and China.

Eager to attend her first board meeting in China in June, Kristine looks forward to exploring the Yanqihu campus and contributing her practical mindset and interdisciplinary expertise to SDC's initiatives and partnerships going forward.