Kristian Pedersen Joins the Danish Board of SDC

22 October 2021

Professor Kristian Pedersen, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Aarhus University, joins the Danish Board of SDC as Aarhus University’s representative.

As a professor in space science, Kristian Pedersen has followed Danish-Chinese research collaborations, especially within astrophysics, physics and nanoscience, closely over the years, and he looks forward to taking part in shaping the Danish-Chinese collaboration within the framework of SDC.

It is extremely important for a small country like Denmark to seek out opportunities to collaborate with the best international research partners and also nurture already established partnerships,’ says Kristian Pedersen.

One way of pushing collaborations forward is to use students as catalysts, he explains.

Given that students are mobile, open and often come up with unorthodox ideas, they are amazing at catalysing collaborations, which is why I believe it is extremely important that we encourage Danish students to join Chinese learning environments and also that we receive Chinese students in Denmark,’ says Kristian Pedersen.

Besides wanting to strengthening human and scientific exchange and helping shape the framework for the SDC collaboration, he really looks forward to visiting SDC in China as soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow for it.

Kristian Pedersen replaces Lars Bo Nielsen as Aarhus University’s representative in the Danish Board of SDC.