Jon Chose a Global Perspective on His Science Education

14 April 2020

After Jon Hindsgaul finished his Master’s degree in Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing during spring 2019, he signed a contract with the international company Hempel where he now holds a graduate position at the corporate headquarter in Copenhagen.

Jon Hindsgaul joined the SDC Master’s degree programme in Beijing because he believes an

international profile is important, no matter your profession:

An international profile is always an advantage. During my studies abroad I have gained valuable global experience and a unique skill set which I can apply in my graduate position at Hempel that involves collaborating with colleagues from different countries’, Jon Hindsgaul says.

It Takes More Than Technical Skills

Even if you are applying for positions at more local companies, Jon Hindsgaul believes an international profile will make you attractive:

Spending time abroad and having an international network broadens your perspective and improves your problem-solving skills’.

Hempel is a global supplier of coating products. Jon Hindsgaul works with product development and applies the technical skills he acquired during his education. However, there are also new aspects in his job where his personal competences from China and other places in the world

come in handy:

Currently, I am managing a project. Besides considering legal, financial and commercial aspects, I make sure the team members work toward a common goal despite being located in different parts of the world. So even though I work at an office in Denmark, I still have to navigate in

an international environment’.