CICALICS 2023: Embracing Emerging Technologies for a Sustainable Future

29 November 2023

Last week SDC hosted CICALICS 2023, the China Innovation Circles and Academy – Learning, Innovation, and Competence Systems (CICALICS). The event took place from November 22 to November 26. This international academic event brought together scholars, researchers, and industry professionals to explore innovation research and sustainability.

This year CICALICS emphasized the critical nexus of emerging technologies and sustainability. With the world grappling with challenges such as climate change, sustainable social and economic development, and environmental preservation, cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, renewable energy systems, and advanced materials have emerged as key players in revolutionizing sustainable solutions.

CICALICS PhD Academy 2023

The event kicked off with the CICALICS PhD course (Academy) from November 22 to 24, featuring engaging lectures on innovation research and methodologies. PhD students from Danish and Chinese universities presented their research projects, fostering international exchange and collaboration.

The Best PhD Presentation was awarded to Jingluan Yang for her outstanding work on "Knowledge Source Switching under State Interventions of Latecomer Regions: A Case Study of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area." Sergei Mozheiko received the runner-up recognition for his project on "Complexity and Modularity in Business Models and Ecosystems."

CICALICS Workshop 2023

The event continued with the CICALICS Research Workshop on November 25 and 26, focusing on the intersection of emerging technologies and sustainability. This year, there was a deliberate emphasis on the pivotal role of emerging technologies in addressing sustainability challenges. The workshop explored trends, potentials, and limitations of technologies such as artificial intelligence and delved into more general topics within innovation management and its role in shaping a more sustainable future.

The event also included a session on the role of intellectual property (IP) management in this context. In addition to Keynotes by distinguished experts in the field, the workshop also featured thought-provoking presentations of working papers presented in four parallel tracks. Mihaela Gaglioti Roibu earned her the Best Working Paper award for her on-going research entitled "From Catch-Up to Forging Ahead Through (Green) Windows of Opportunity: China and The Rare Earth Elements".

Keynote Speeches:

- The Development and Governance of Emerging Technology: AI as an Example. Keynote Speaker: Zheng Liang (Professor, Tsinghua University)

- Varieties of National and Regional Innovation Systems around the World: Catch-up by Latecomers. Keynote Speaker: Keun Lee (Professor, Seoul National University)

- The Future of International Innovation System: Some Observations. Keynote Speaker: Xudong Gao (Professor, Tsinghua University)

- How does Tolerance for Failure Impact Innovation? Keynote Speaker: Zhijian Cui (Professor, University of Science and Technology of China)

- Circular Economy – Exploring theContribution by Design and Designers. Keynote Speaker: Olav Jull Sørensen (Senior Research Coordinator at Access2Innovation, Emeritus Professor of International Business, Co-Founder and Former Head of Innovation Management programme)

- UNESCO Report on Neurotechnology Mapping. Keynote Speaker: Roman Jurowetzki (Associate Professor, Aalborg University)

Panel discussions:

- Panel Discussion on IP and Emerging Technologies for Sustainability. Facilitated by Can Huang (Professor, Zhejiang University) and Wen Xiang (Associate Professor, Copenhagen University)

- Panel Discussion on Exploring The Impact of AI on Academic Research. Facilitated by Roman Jurowetzki (Associate Professor, Aalborg University)

The event provided the participants with ample opportunity to get to know SDC, engage in networking an discuss opportunities for future collaboration.

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