Grant accelerates entrepreneur dream

14 June 2019

Malte Nørgaard, who studies Innovation Management at SDC and two students from Aalborg Aalborg recently received the Novi Newtech Grant of DKK 300000, accelerating the path to market for their start-up business, Hexastate CBM Solutions.

Enabling companies to reduce downtime

Malte Nørgaard, Steffen Nielsen and Asger Damtoft co-founded Hexastate CBM Solutions in 2018 and since then they have worked with condition-based maintenance. Their product is a sensor that registers vibrations in production equipment, enabling companies to foresee breakdowns in production and act before they occur, meaning they can reduce downtime and potentially save a lot of money.

”The Novi Newtech Grant makes it possible for us to reach our next milestone, which is to get our product ready to go to market. We are starting with setting up our hardware at some of our test partners and will soon be able to deliver an end-to-end product which we are confident can make a difference to many companies that want to reduce downtime in their production”, says Malte Nørgaard.

The three entrepreneurs were awarded the grant, because NOVI has a strong belief that the start-up has international potential, that it solves a concrete problem and that the team is able to launch the project.

Out of the grant, DKK 50000 is ear marked for legal advice, access to accountants and office space at NOVI in Aalborg. Meet the team and see for yourself how and why their idea was chosen in this video made by Aalborg University.