Q&A for teachers and researchers - coronavirus

Updated 22 March 2020

I had teaching obligations for the spring semester, what should I do?

Until further notice, alternative teaching has been planned. It includes online courses, video lectures, etc. If your planned teaching is being affected, your course coordinator or the Head of Educational Programme (HEP) will contact you.

To assist with coordination, SDC has appointed liaison officers for all MSc programmes. The liaison officers will support the HEPs and teachers and assist with coordination between teachers and the students.

Neuro: Qin Yihong
Nano: Yin Youwei
IM: Peng Yuru
PM: Huang Jingxiang
CBE: Yuan Yuan
WE: Hu Yongjia
LEI: He Bing

The Danish study administrators are not available by e-mail at the moment. The Danish study administration w Marchill instead be supported by the Danish SDC office in Aarhus. You can contact the Danish SDC office by email:

What options are available for alternative teaching?

Live broadcast
UCAS provides the following live broadcast services for SDC’s teachers:

Zoom can meet the demand of 100 people for unlimited video conference / live broadcast, and can share screen, PPT, annotation, recording and broadcasting, etc.

Chaoxing (Superstar)
UCAS will sign a confidentiality agreement with superstar to protect the information security of teachers and students. The function of the Chaoxing platform is more comprehensive, and it is suitable for teaching and learning on mobile terminal.

Tencent conference
Tencent's meeting function works on mobile phone, tablet, computer and can share screen, online document, etc. Video recording is not supported.

Recorded broadcast
UCAS provides the following platforms for recorded broadcasts for SDC’s teachers:

UCAS course website
The size of a video is limited to 2GB, and the format must be MP4.

Baidu cloud
Teachers/teaching assistants can upload recorded videos and share links and passwords on Moodle. Students should download the video by themselves.

Questions related to technical support, access to the online services, etc. can be addressed to the liaison officer.

How will SDC handle exams during the epidemic?

All exams will be carried out through WISEflow; the Danish SDC Office will handle the tasks our colleagues in Beijing usually take care of and WISEflow is right now the most manageable way to deal with SDC exams. We are aware that it will be the first time for many teachers to use WISEflow but the system is very user friendly and it takes about 10 minutes to learn the necessary basic functionality. It is important that all assessors use WISEflow, we cannot deal with grading of SDC exams outside WISEflow.
A short easy to follow guide for assessors/examiners can be found on moodle here.

When can we expect the campus to open?

Nobody knows. The Chinese national authorities make this decision.

How will the (remainder of the) spring semester be planned?

Given the current situation, it is still unclear how the semester will be completed. When decisions have been made the information will be available here on this website.

What about my expenses – will the Danish SDC office cover my expenses for already purchased airline tickets?

Cancel or rebook your ticket if possible. The Danish SDC office will reimburse your university for the total economic loss (including fees) in accordance with the compensation guidelines.

I am teaching a course in Beijing in the autumn semester. Should I expect to go?

Nobody knows. The Chinese national authorities decides when to open campus. Also, we advise you to follow the travel guidelines from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Where do I find the latest updated information?

The Danish SDC office posts relevant information on this page.
Stay updated on the travel guidelines for China from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
For healthcare guidance you can stay updated on the Danish Health Authority, WHO, and Statens Serum Institut.


If you have questions, please contact the Danish SDC office at