Compensation and invoicing

Guidelines for compensation

The Danish SDC Office compensates the Danish universities for activities carried out in China based on the guidelines described in the memorandum Finansiering fra SDC-sekretariatet 2019 (in Danish) or Compensation from the SDC secretariat 2019 (in English) and the approved activity budget for 2019. Regarding compensation for external teachers, download the guidelines here (in Danish).

Guidelines for invoicing the Danish SDC Office
In order to receive compensation, the Danish universities must follow the procedures described in the document Vejledning til udbetaling af kompensation til de danske universiteter fra SDC-sekretariatet 2019 (in Danish)
Before sending an (electronic) invoice to the Danish SDC Office, the excel sheet SDC 2019 Fakturering af aktiviteter must be filled out by the person in charge of invoicing.
The excel sheet has to be sent to the SDC Office by email:

Deadline for invoicing the Danish SDC Office - 2019

The final deadline for invoicing the Danish SDC Office for 2019 activities is on 16 December 2019. This means that the Danish SDC Office must receive all electronic invoices regarding 2019 activities no later than 16 December 2019.
For activities which are started in 2019, and finished in 2020, an electronic invoice must be sent for the days, which concern the year 2019 in connection with the closing of the financial year 2019. The deadline for invoicing of 2019 activities mentioned above is also valid in this connection.


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