The new home of SDC was buzzing with activities when hundreds of people from both countries joined the inauguration of the House of the Danish Industry Foundation

The atrium is the buildings ventricle, and it was full of people attending the official opening ceremony. Among the speakers were His Royal Highness the Crown Prince; the Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science,
Søren Pind; the President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bai Chunli and Chairman of the Board of the Danish Industry Foundation, Sten Scheibye.

Afterwards SDC students gave a guided tour around campus, and the Great Wall Run took place.
Look through the photos by photographer Madoka Ikegami, take a look at the websites of our partners or see a selection of the media coverage.

Partners and media coverage

Facts about the building

The SDC building is a complete five story building of 10,896 m2, and on a daily basis it will be frequented by 200 Master’s students, PhD students, teachers and researchers, guests and staff in the:

• 20 apartments for teachers and researchers
• Lecture hall
• Lecture room
• 10 classrooms
• 8 group rooms
• 10 research offices
• 8 PhD offices
• 6 thesis offices
• 4 meeting rooms
• Lounges for students and teachers
• Common areas with study stations
• 4 administration offices
• Gym
• Canteen

Press contacts

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Communications Manager
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Communications Manager
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