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20. april 2017

“The practical aspect motivates me”

When Cecilie Arent is standing in the lake, observing algae and collecting water samples she is in her element.
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29. marts 2017

Getting a foot in the door with leading research groups

PhD student Thomas Bouet Poulsen plans to collaborate with leading Chinese research groups in Beijing for his PhD on autoimmune diseases.
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10. februar 2017

New head of Public Management and Social Development appointed

At the turn of the year, Associate Professor, Duncan Wigan, from CBS, took up the position as Head of Educational Programme for Public Management and Social Development at SDC
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24. oktober 2016

Student went to China to become sought after candidate

Karoline Bergendorff went to China because she wanted to make her profile attractive for future employers
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6. oktober 2016

A new way of thinking

Learn more about SDC in the latest edition of 'Pan European Networks: Science & Technology'
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27. september 2016

First day of studies

What is it like to meet your fellow students for the first time? At SDC it is not just about meeting new people, it is also about meeting a new culture
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9. september 2016

“We change directions based on results”

Freja Gam Østergaard was browsing through job advertisements, when she saw it. The perfect PhD position combining her interests in neuroimaging and biomedicine
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27. august 2016

Preparation seminar for soon-departing students (video)

From August 10-11 SDC invited all of the Danish and International students who will be leaving for China at the end of August to a seminar in Middelfart, Denmark.
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25. august 2016

Network and persistence paved his way to the wind industry

Alexander Gamborg started his new job at Siemens Wind Power in February – four months before he handed in his master’s thesis in Innovation Management
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8. august 2016

Coming SDC students prepare for going to China

More than 40 new SDC students from the 2016 cohort will get their final preparations ahead of going to China underway when they attend the annual seminar in Middelfart, Denmark, on Wednesday to Thursday August 10th to 11th.
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13. juli 2016

Finding the right career path

With the diploma in his hand Jesper decided to change career path and entered the private industry instead of the research environment he previously intended
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5. juli 2016

Building valuable relations

23-year-old Niels Carstens loves to experience new cultures and make friends wherever he goes, so he is relishing going to Beijing in the autumn to study a semester of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering at SDC
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29. juni 2016

Celebrating graduates

Graduation caps, congratulations and dreams of the future were in the air, when the class of 2016 was celebrated at a festive ceremony in Beijing.
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27. juni 2016

International Assessment Committee completes evaluation of SDC

SDC and a committee of objective experts have been working on an evaluation of the Danish contribution to SDC since the summer of 2015, and now the final report is done.
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6. maj 2016

From student to researcher

When it comes to his education, research and future career Jan Ole Pedersen is 100 percent steered by the academic opportunities
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18. april 2016

Working with state of the art equipment

Neuroscience & Neuroimaging student Malte Laustsen spends most of his days working on his master’s thesis at The Institute of Biophysics in Beijing. There he regularly works with a 7 Tesla Scanner. A state of the art piece of equipment that students like him would likely not have access to if he had done his degree in Denmark, says Malte Laustsen.
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16. februar 2016

Off to a great start

SDC graduate Freya Hvass has found the perfect place for her professional career to get off to a good start. For the next two years she will be putting everything she has learned so far in China to good use as General Manager at the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China (DCCC) in Beijing.
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21. december 2015

Danish Minister meets SDC students

Thursday morning five students from SDC talked to the Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, Esben Lunde Larsen, about life in Beijing and studying at SDC. The Minister’s visit to SDC was part of his official visit to China, where he also met with his Chinese peers and research environments at companies Arla Foods, Huawei and Novo Nordisk.
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30. november 2015

Our Danish family

Gao Ya and Hu Wenmiao’s two month study trip in Denmark has come to an end, and so has their stay with the Lambertsen family in small town Gug outside of Aalborg. The two Chinese girls chose to stay with the Danish family, because they wanted the opportunity to experience life in Denmark first hand
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24. november 2015

I can learn from the best

“It is imperative for me to do part of my PhD in China, simply so I can learn from the best”
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29. september 2015

Student dives deep in sponge city

Water and Environment student, Casper Eskild, has collected water samples for his Master’s thesis since spring with the purpose of finding out, if the sustainable drainage system, he is monitoring in Tianjin, is suitable as a pioneer project for future urban planning
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26. august 2015

From SDC to Tennessee

As Jingning Ao is about to embark on her next adventure, a full PhD scholarship at Middle Tennessee State University in The United States, the now former SDC student looks back on an exciting few years with heaps of challenges and invaluable cross cultural experiences
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13. juli 2015

Student exchange helps build bridges

Chinese Neuroscience and Neuroimaging student Zheng Tan has just left Denmark after having spent eight weeks working at Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN) at Aarhus University Hospital
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10. juli 2015

Students visit potential future employers

This week 16 students from Chemical and Biochemical Engineering visited Danish catalyst company Haldor Topsøe in Lyngby north of Copenhagen. Here they got the chance to see what their future job opportunities might look like
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24. juni 2015

Dealing with Chinese water shortage

After successfully defending his PhD, Claus Davidsen can now look back at years of adventures, obstacles and hard work trying to remedy the water administration problems that comes with an increasing lack of natural water in China
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30. april 2015

Nanoscience and Technology on study trip in Denmark

Nanoscience at Danish universities, company visits and Tivoli. These are some of the elements when 19 students from Nanoscience and Technology are in Denmark on a study trip
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7. marts 2015

PhD student goes behind the Chinese wind energy success

10 years ago the wind industry in China was almost non-existent, and today it is the world's largest. On the surface it looks like a great success story and an example of Chinese growth going hand in hand with a strategic focus on renewable energy
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3. marts 2015

Surprised by the great opportunities to create supportive teaching

”I can offer the students a much better service and a higher presence compared to my teaching in Denmark. It is unique what the SDC students are offered"
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18. februar 2015

Internship lead to master’s thesis at Grundfos

The Danish company Grundfos has played an important role in 25-year-old Tim Roiy Andersen’s education. However, the collaboration with the Danish-owned company from northern Jutland did not take its beginning until he traveled to the other side of the world
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29. januar 2015

Study across borders

“MSc in Neuroscience and Neuroimaging”. These five words were enough to arouse 28-year-old Yanhua Xu’s curiosity as she immediately could see the connecting thread that would run through her education and research
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20. januar 2015

Bye bye Aalborg – hello Beijing

27-year-old Michaela Tineke Holst is studying a Master's degree in Innovation Management at SDC in Beijing. She is driven by the future possibility to help establish the best conditions and tools for entrepreneurs or to contribute with new ideas in large companies
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10. december 2014

"The opportunity was handed to me on a silver platter”

Johannes Thomsen did not need much time to consider the alternatives when he became familiar with the opportunity to study a Master’s degree in Nanoscience in China
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12. november 2014

Drawn to Denmark and China by his interest in water

1 PhD thesis, 1 best student poster at the international ”Shallow Lakes World Conference” and 10 scientific articles (6 being the first author). These are some of the 30 year old SDC PhD student Ivan Gonzalez Bergonzoni’s achievements when he in December hands in his PhD
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16. oktober 2014

SDC welcomes three new Board members

The Danish SDC Board has members from all eight universities
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10. juli 2014

SDC students win 2nd place in Green Challenge

By turning waste water from dairy production into reusable water, four students from the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering have won 2nd place in the DTU Green Challenge, Friday 27 June 2014
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10. juli 2014

The first SDC graduates are ready to meet the world

Nine universities, two countries and a group of adventurous and ambitious students. The first graduation ceremony has been held at Sino-Danish Center in Beijing. So far 32 SDC students have handed in their master’s thesis and more will come during the next couple of months
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28. april 2014

Her Majesty The Queen Of Denmark breaks ground for the landmark of SDC

On Saturday 26 April 2014 her Majesty the Queen visited Sino-Danish Center to break ground for SDC’s new building in Beijing – The House Of The Danish Industry Foundation
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20. september 2013

Danish Minister Morten Østergaard visits SDC

The Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Morten Østergaard, visited Sino-Danish Center
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23. september 2012

The Danish Minister of the Environment visits SDC

On 23 September the Danish Minister of the Environment, Ida Auken, visited the new MSc programme, Water and Environment, at SDC
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11. september 2012

Danish Prime Minister visits SDC

On 10 September 2012 the four new Master's programmes at the Sino-Danish Center officially opened for business
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9. april 2012

SDC cracks the code for student mobility

76 Danish students have applied for one of four new graduate programs in China. Never before have so many Danish students applied to study in China. The vastly increased interest indicates that the collaboration between Denmark and China has cracked the code for student mobility
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